Unit 14 and 15 Control Gate Heads Refurbishment

Preparation work for these projects started in 2018 and execution commenced on 11th January 2019 with unit 14 which will be followed by unit 15 in February, running up to 6th April. The project works entail overhaul and refurbishment of the control gate head stock components in line with the operation and maintenance manual which recommends overhaul after 10years in service.

Some components were modified to ensure extended service life as well as plant reliability. The rest of the units at Kiira Power Station (11-13) had their headstocks refurbished between 2012 and 2015, leaving only 14 and 15 which were still in good condition and also not due for refurbishment at the time.

The head stock system is very critical to the operation of the control gates and must always be kept in operable condition given that the control gate is part of the emergency equipment of the unit, as well as appoint of isolation, among its many uses.