On Friday, 25th September 2020, EUL commissioned the Nalubaale Power Plant governor air compressor system intended to improve the overall plant performance and operations.

As a fulfilment of EUL’s mandate to operate and maintain the 67-year-old plant, the system is a key Balance of Plant auxiliary that ensures reliable production, distribution and supply of compressed air to the turbine governing system. Compressed air is used to balance hydraulic oil pressure to aid opening of distributor wicket gates that admit water into the turbines.

The project which was headed by Mr. Jamidu Sentamu, Ag. Section Head Mechanical was carried out with Ugandan contractors at a cost of UGX 500 million (USD 140,000). It replaced an old system that was last upgraded in 1989 (27 years) will improve plant reliability since it has been automated to significantly reduce human operational intervention.

Mr. Filbert Kinyanda, the Technical Director of API Technical Services, the contractors who undertook the project said that the newly installed system can self-operate with detection of insufficient air pressure conditions.