Eskom Uganda Limited (EUL) Hands Over 9,600 Eucalyptus Seedlings To Wanyange Girls Secondary School

On 12th July 2019, EUL donated 9,600 Eucalyptus seedlings to Wanyange Girls Secondary School in Jinja District which is part of EUL’s Corporate Social Investments under environment.

The handover ceremony was presided over by the Head Prefect Ms Nawire Gertrude and was held under a tree shade so as to appreciate the importance of trees and nature at large. The head teacher Ms Deborah Basekanakyo EUL’s Environment and Quality commended the students for keeping the school clean and implored them to avoid littering of waste even outside school. The MD urged the students to plant a tree at home every month and take care of them so that they grow. She further noted that the trees are important for educational purposes, enhancing the aesthetic view of this hill and serve as a source of fuel wood to the school and timber in future after full maturity.

Ms Thozama officially handed over the eucalyptus seedlings to the Headmistress of Wanyange Girls Secondary School Ms Deborah Basekanakyo and launched the tree planting exercise. This is part of EUL’s nation-wide campaign to green Uganda with the aim of promoting environmental conservation and restoration through afforestation. The project will greatly contribute to the conservation of the Wanyange hill by controlling soil erosion and modifying the local climate. The trees will also play a vital role in climate change mitigation through sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, which is Eskom’s desire to contribute to the global efforts to deal with the changing climate.

The EUL team also planted fruit trees at Wanyange Girls school garden (Guavas, mangoes and avocado).  EUL shall periodically monitor the trees and consider motivating the students at the school through environment and Agriculture education programs.