Stake Holders

We strive to understand our stakeholders' expectations to enable the company anticipate, plan and cope with their demands. Eskom's ability to achieve its business objectives is greatly dependant on how it engages its stakeholders. EUL's stakeholders are divided into two; internal and external stakeholders

1.     Internal stakeholders

Management and Staff
: EUL understands the need to nurture its relationship with its staff and has therefore put in place performance reward programs that result in sustainable benefit for both the staff and the company.

Union: A number of EUL staff belong to the Electricity and Allied Workers Union. EUL works towards having a cordial partnership with the Union to enable it to have a well skilled and motivated workforce.

Board of Directors: The Board members are appointed by Eskom Enterprises (EE) EE and they play an over sight role Eskom Uganda’s operations and activities.

Shareholder: Eskom Enterprises (EE) owns 100% of EUL and as such they play an oversight role. EUL's business objectives are closely aligned to the objectives of EE. EUL maintains a consultative relationship with them.

Contractors/ Sub contractors: Providing services as contracted by Eskom Uganda thereby contributing to the smooth running of the business.

2.     External stakeholders

Directorate of Water Development (DWD)
: Issues water release permits to Eskom Uganda and ensures that EUL adheres to the agreed water release limits.

Players in the electricity industry: There are a number of players in the electricity industry with whom EUL has relationships namely:

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development: The Arm of Ugandan Government that oversees the energy sector and offers necessary support to Eskom Uganda.

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited: Mandated by the government of Uganda to buy generated power through the Power Purchase Agreement - PPA.

Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited: Asset owner of the two Power Stations Kiira and Nalubaale operated by EUL, under a concession of 20 years and EUL pays a concession fee to them as per the Concession and Assignment Agreement.

Electricity Regulatory Authority: The government's electricity regulatory body issued a license to EUL to generate and sell electricity and also ensures Eskom abides by the specific conditions.

UMEME: This is a company charged with electricity retail and distribution business in Uganda

Local Community: EUL’s main business activities are in Jinja and Njeru .EUL is an active member of the communities it operates in, together with the communities EUL has undertaken a number of projects to handle social, environment and economic issues, it also participates in most of the local community events. EUL pays royalties fees to both Jinja and Buikwe districts.

Media: The media plays a key role in informing the public about the operations and achievements of the company. EUL therefore strives to keep the media informed of any development and maintains a good working relationship with them.
Opinion leaders: These mainly include National and local politicians, Business associations and business leaders. EUL on a regular basis interacts with these persons to keep them abreast of what the company is doing and contributing to the economy.

Key suppliers: Providing important services or products like plant spare parts to aid the company’s operations

General Public: End users of the power we generate therefore their perception of the company is key.

Business community: Bulk users especially industrial use of the power Eskom generates.

Rural Electrification Agency (REA): Charged with providing power to rural areas.

Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MFEP) - Privatisation Unit (PU): Arm of the Ugandan government that is in charge of economic planning. The PU contributes to the private sector led growth of the Ugandan economy by reform and privatisation of the parastatals.

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA): Environment Monitor.

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MOGLS): Arm of Ugandan Government that oversees the relations between employees and employer (Eskom Uganda).