Mission, Vision and Values


To be the Centre of Excellence in Power Concession Management.


Providing Reliable and Affordable electricity solutions while creating value for our stakeholders.


Eskom has five core values that define the way we conduct our company operations and relations with all our stakeholders.

Integrity - We always demonstrate the quality of being honest and morally upright.
Excellence - We set high performance standards for self and others
Innovation - We try different and novel ways to deal with work challenges and organisational change.
Customer satisfaction - We treat customers with fairness courtesy and sensitivity with respect to their rights.
Zero Harm - We support a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, customers, suppliers, our country and its people. And we comply with the safety, health and environmental legislation.


Excellent Asset Care Management
This objective will be driven through a strong focus on achieving target availability rates, on adoption of better operations and maintenance methodologies while maintaining high safety standards, on enhancing IT tools such as CMMS to improve performance and on developing planning and project execution capabilities.

Effective Talent and People Management 
Critical to ensuring EUL’s objectives will be to have effective talent and people management. This would ensure that EUL is able to deliver effective stakeholder and reputation management, risk and environment management objectives and excellence asset care targets. It will also include building strategic capabilities to be exploited in long-term growth opportunities.

There are three objectives, which are reliant on effective talent management: excellent asset care, stakeholder & reputation management, and risk and environment management that will ultimately lead to financial sustainability.

Ensure Financial Sustainability 
EUL’s primary focus will be on ensuring financial sustainability through cost optimisation and the support of EE (Pty) Ltd through the realisation of target returns, implementing of optimal cash-flow strategies and support of EE (Pty) Ltd funding efforts.

Ensure Effective Stakeholder and Reputation Management 
Realising this objective will be critical not only for EUL’s ability to achieving financial sustainability, but also as a tool to manage Eskom’s reputational risk. The main focus will be on raising EUL’s profile, active stakeholder engagement and on building a strong shared value (CSR) legacy.

Enhance Governance, Risk and Compliance Management
Strengthening of risk management will cover all areas of the business. This will be critical in achieving the financial and non-financial goals that EUL has set. The key initiatives will be on inculcating Zero Harm culture across the business, on full compliance to policies, procedures, agreements and laws of the land and; on attaining risk maturity.