EUL’s goal of maintaining zero accident and injury rate remains firm. EUL’S LTIR is currently
at 0.37 and it celebrated 500 days injury free on the 6th July 2012.

EUL has a SHEQ policy which ensures that safety is an integral part of EUL operations. This is
further augmented by the belief that no operating condition or urgency of service can justify
causing injury or endangering the life of anyone. Therefore before any works are done, they
go through a rigorous process of risk assessment and approval to remove any safety loop
EUL ensures participation of all staff in safety issues through platforms such as raising job
safety observations, raising Safety improvement suggestions, raising safety non
conformities, sharing safety tips, appointment of health and safety representatives, and
employee involvement in risk assessments.
Monitoring of safety in EUL is done through regular safety inspections by all workers
including the managers to ensure that the set standards are being implemented. Incidents
are investigated by trained teams to determine their root causes and prevent their re
To cap the improvement process bi-annual audits are conducted to review our safety
performance and decide on how to improve.