A New Year; New beginnings!

A new Year!! A new start!!! A belated Happy New Year!!!

Let me be quick to say if 2014 worked perfectly for you, then it is business as usual. But I am one of those who were not happy with 2014, as a result I would like to start 2015 on a new slate, so to say.

In life we generally want to be somewhere. And each and every year we do things that brings us closer to that somewhere. Allow me to call it a dream. But many times we find that we are further or ”things” have taken a different turn, mostly for the worst. Or we lose our way.

I have decided to take charge from 2015 onwards, more than I ever have before. Because I allowed my dreams for 2014 to be overtaken by many other things, not necessarily bad. Why, you may ask? Which brings me back to my topic : new year, new beginnings.

Before I go there, allow me to reflect on my failures:

  1. Lack of focus or too many things going on
  2. No prioritization
  3. Lack of thinking

If you think about it, there is only one problem here, the last one. Lack of thinking, period. Which is what new beginnings for me are all about.

This year I plan to examine my thoughts more closely. What am I thinking (about my dreams)? Is it in line with my 2015 goals? Are my actions aligned? Are my words aligned? How often do I measure the related actions? Am I adjusting properly where necessary? Am I inching towards my goal? What are the barriers? Do I require assistance to remove them? Do I need more resources?

This review process needs to occur on a weekly basis at least. It is going to be tough I know, but I have to start somewhere.

Am I not over thinking my dreams? Am I setting myself up for failure? You be the judge. All I know is that putting my dreams in a back burner does not help in achieving them. But I am hoping that reviewing progress on a weekly basis will. As the saying goes” what gets measured gets done”

Before you ask, I have regressed on my weight loss goals. Over the holidays I decided to “chill” and in the process overate. The food is having the last laugh. But, this being my first work week, I am back in my dance classes. An uphill but I shall get there.

What’s on your mind?